Gaining Through Training

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Our Advantages

12 Reasons to choose Progress

1Acquire Practical Skills

Each intensive Progress Workshop is designed to help you acquire the practical skills you need–quickly and in depth. Because our training is job focused, you can apply your new skills the day you return to work.

2Receive Real-World Solutions

Our instructors are seasoned practitioners who give you practical skills and techniques that they have applied with proven results over years of use. You and your organization reap the benefits of decades of expertise, delivered through intensive interactive classroom experience.

3Learn from Expert Trainers

Progress trainers are full-time practitioners who average more than 15 years of experience. They qualify as Progress trainers only after completing a thorough screening and training program–and receive continuing professional development that enhances their presentation and facilitation skills throughout their association with Progress Management Consultants.

4Learn and Retain More

Each workshop is developed around the principles of Active Learning–where you are immersed in your subject matter through a series of group and individual activities that significantly increase your understanding, retention, and ability to apply new knowledge and concepts.

5Benefit from Superior Workshop Design

Progress workshops are developed through a careful and time-tested process that ensures every course is practical and relevant. Our development teams include multiple subject matter experts drawn from our worldwide network–and our workshops are constantly updated to ensure what you learn is always up to date.

6Enjoy a Superb Training Environment

Our modern 5 Star Hotels optimize the comfort, ease and effectiveness of your learning experience. We can also deliver any In-house workshop at times and dates suitable for you at your facility locations.

7Bilingual Trainers

Our trainers are bilingual (Arabic/English) professionals and are exceptional communicators. This will guarantee and maximize workshop understanding leaving each delegate feeling confident and sure of the objectives achieved at the end of the workshop.

8Receive the Benefit of 8 Years of Excellence in Training

Progress Management has trained more than 15,000 professionals from over 500 organizations around the world. This experience gives us an unparalleled understanding of the knowledge, techniques and skills required to manage successfully in today’s competitive environment.

9Personal Attention

Progress trainers’ and staff will extend their support and resources to each delegate personally to ensure that their experience in attending our workshops is memorable and personal. A 24 hours, seven days a week telephone number is available for you to contact us.

10Workshop Performance Reports

Progress trainers’ will prepare a full performance report on each delegate attending our public programs outlining the following:

  1. Participation
  2. Ability to Learn
  3. Desire to Learn
  4. Group Spirit
  5. Discipline
  6. Ability to Adapt
  7. Analytical Ability
  8. Future Needs

This report will assist the delegate’s supervisor and keep him involved in the employee performance during Progress training sessions. Such reports can and may be used as part of the year end evaluations or appraisals. Similar reports are also supplied after every In-house training workshop.

11Individualized Training Programs

Individualized Training Programs (ITPs) represent concentrated, practical, one-to-one coaching sessions, with individuals receiving the full-time attention of specialized and experienced consultants.

12Certified Training Programs

Upon client request, Progress offers a wide range of training programs certified by ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management), Stow College in Scotland and the Jordanian Canadian College