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Founder & CEO Message


Dear Valued Clients,

With the start of 2016, Progress Management Consultants will be celebrating its seventeenth year in training and consulting. We, the Progress team, would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all our valued clients for your continued support and the opportunity to work with you.

Progress has managed to sustain its success and continued growth through extending business partnerships to several new clients in the Middle East particularly in the Gulf region.

In 2015, Progress pursued hiring & contracting new bilingual senior trainers from all over the globe. Please take the time to review our new and improved portfolio of public programs and choose the ones that are beneficial to your industry. We are very keen on working with you in order to make a difference on an employee and business levels.

Progress maintains firm & high standards in choosing the best-experienced trainers

Progress clear policy has always been: “Full Satisfaction or your training program will be repeated at no extra charge”

While many UAE Training providers have cancelled or continue to cancel their public workshops due to lack of registrations regardless of the number of delegates, Progress continues to be committed to deliver all of it’s advertised workshops with zero cancellation.

We are all delighted to present you with this year’s 2016 training plan. As we have done in previous years, our workshops continue to expand reflecting a large variety of topics all aimed at offering you the best in the market. We will work with you to move your businesses forward through training your workforce to their full potential, which will ultimately optimize your end results and ensure that your corporate goals are not only achieved but exceeded at all times.

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Aiman Tawfiq Qusous
Founder & CEO